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1N 7H3 M1X TV 20110827 with nonXero

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Dark and grimy intergalactic bass mayhem! A bit of a promo mix with exclusive mash-ups and tunes from Two Fingers, Amon Tobin, Lil’ Wayne, Busta Rhymes, Beastie Boys, Distance, Sway and some of my own productions off the DubtroniX LP! Download the full mix here FREE!

1N 7H3 M1X Intro by Jennifer Rene (
1. Two Fingers – Moth Rhythm vs. Chris Brown – Look At Me Now (Ft. Lil’ Wayne & Busta Rhymes) (nonXero Mashup)
2. Two Fingers – Straw Men (feat. Sway) vs. Distance – 3rd Wish (nonXero Mashup)
3. nonXero – Doom (DubtroniX LP)
4. nonXero – Dub TroniX (DubtroniX LP)
5. nonXero – Evil Mind (DubtroniX LP)
6. nonXero – Tronsformer (DubtroniX LP)
7. nonXero – Industrial Revolution (DubtroniX LP)
8. Amon Tobin – Goto 10 Original Mix
9. Beastie Boys – Intergalactic
10. Two Fingers – Two Fingers (feat. Sway)
11. Two Fingers – What UK Know About (feat. Sway)

2010 marked the beginning of nonXero’s first productions and debut album titled “DubtroniX” — A Dubstep compilation of organic sounds with deep, technical bass lines to be released on 1N 7H3 M1X Records! It’s dark, mechanical, computerized mayhem with a touch of dub! All CD’s include jewel case, album art and personally signed/silk screen CD containing 14 tracks/+72 minutes play time! Get yours for $4.99/USD + ($3/USD US/CANADA SHIPPING ONLY). Contact us at for international shipping rates.

Get your copy of the DubtroniX LP here:

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